Why choose a Vegan Trainer?

December 20, 2018

Why choose a Vegan Trainer?

We never really thought about being 'vegan' personal trainers or that there would be a market for such a thing until one of our vegan friends told us about a struggle she had when trying to find a personal trainer that took on board her lifestyle, particularly the diet aspect. In our area of North Brisbane, of course there wouldn't be an abundance of vegan personal trainers. For a while she trained with a trainer who knew his stuff about exercise, but couldn't fathom how she was going to achieve her health and fitness goals without consuming animal products. Frustratingly, she continued to train with him for benefits of the training, but didn't receive any help or guidance that she could use with her diet. They parted ways several months later and she informed us of her troubles. 

It can work both ways. We work with non-vegans in the personal training area all the time, but they are usually not at the point of thinking about adopting a plant-based diet no matter how much information we give them. That's their choice and you can bet that we will give them the utmost focus and effort on the improvement of the exercise side of things! Conversely, many vegans would be working with non-vegan PT's and that's cool too! The PT could have some knowledge of plant-based diets and know how to make them fit a vegan athlete/client. Or the service being offered could merely be the exercise side of things in this case which is awesome. BUT.. most of us know the importance of combining healthy exercise habits with healthy food choices that support and nourish the body! 

This is why we recommend those people living a vegan lifestyle to try work with PT's that are on the same path, if they can! Especially those that are vegan for ethical reasons, as they would know that the money they pay for the service is going towards purchasing more plant-based foods (or for feed for our rescue animals)! As opposed to the purchase of animal protein foods which are abundant and consumed copiously within the fitness industry. 

Initially, we were limited to working outdoors in parks in North Brisbane for our personal training sessions. Don't get us wrong, we were stoked with getting our clients outdoors to train! However, we will now be working out of the Health for Life studio at Albion from Friday afternoons through to Sundays! We have a number of openings available from the 27th to the 30th also, where we can get you ready to hit the new year running! 

Grab 3 x 30 minute sessions for just $50!



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