Andrew Shipp

Andrew is the co-founder of ShippShape Fitness and Nutrition alongside younger sister, Kate. For Andrew, the driving force behind his desire to study nutrition was the health of his skin. Suffering from an auto-immune disease called Psoriasis for 20 years, Andrew was determined to seek out a natural treatment for this angry, chronic skin condition. Using harsh, topical steroid creams to treat flare ups, he began to experience nasty side effects. Andrew adopted a plant based, whole food diet in May of 2017 and has only ever seen improvements in the health of his skin since then. Currently, 99% of the dry, itchy patches that was once present on Andrew's body is now gone, all while allowing Andrew to completely abolish the need for his medications! A feat that Andrew would have never considered possible, after being told by numerous health professionals that Psoriasis is a lifelong, chronic disease with no cure and with no correlation to diet at all! Healing himself with food as medicine, Andrew is now empowered to help others that may be on a similar journey and who require guidance and education with a plant based, whole food diet.


Growing up, Andrew was always eager to learn about the human body and was heavily involved in a variety of sports. Rugby League, Rugby Union and Track and Field were regulars in his sporting life and areas in which he is most passionate about. The last several years though, has seen Andrew compete in a number of Olympic and Half Ironman distance Triathlons which has given him a new perspective of pushing the body to it's limits, physically and mentally. Together, these sports have built Andrew's passion for exercise and studying fitness. With Certificates III and IV in Fitness, Andrew can help you leap towards your fitness goals as efficiently and enjoyably as possible!